In 2008 a massive fire in a storage unit completely destroyed my entire archive of Films, Videos, Show reels, Negatives, Documents and Memorabilia. In just under 20mins my entire life’s work was reduced to a pile of ash.


Work in progress

I am currently in the process of restoring an early film fom archive materials, below is a salvaged television production SEVEN LAST WORDS. It originated on 16mm Film and was broadcast on the BBC in the early 90s. This is taken from a VHS copy of the original TV broadcast - minus its music, specially composed by James MacMillian. I have added different music and will continue to edit the piece to make it flow.
Enjoy it anyway.



Other interests

Away from the industry I travel around South America and have a base in Brazil. Listen to music for inspiration and write my own poetry.

In 1989 I invented the Tinned BananaTM,

in 1999 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro Africa’s highest mountain for charity
and in 2009 recited my own poetry in public for the first time.

By 2019 I will have fulfilled my lifetime ambition and have photographed a film in IMAX.


The Universe

The UniverseThe universe consists of time, the present time, there is no other time. Therefore I exist in this time, but it will take me longer than my lifetime to understand the universe as I have not yet got to grips with the size of the universe . . . that will take time.

Brian Cairney